AZTI-Tecnalia, the expert R+D Centre in Marine and Foodstuff Research, is a Foundation that has its sights set on social development and the enhancement of competitiveness in its sectors of action, the sea and foodstuffs, by means of research and technological innovation.


Scientific Research on the marine environment

The integrated management of the oceans, the coasts and their resources calls for broad, specialised scientific knowledge. Both the public administrations, because of their management decisions, and institutions and companies linked to the marine environment are constantly demanding innovation and technological development.

At AZTI-Tecnalia we produce studies to generate knowledge about the coasts and marine environment, so that progress can be made in the sustainable management of our environment and its resources. Likewise, we do research to achieve sustainable activity carried out by an economically competitive industry with responsible practices.


Scientific Research into food

The food sector is evolving and facing fresh challenges and opportunities every day. It has to be one step ahead of future needs through research and specialised technical knowledge.

Experience and in-depth knowledge of the foodstuff sector constitute one of AZTI-Tecnalia’s strengths. Specialisation in the technologies of the future and our capacity to develop complex projects are our guarantee. That is why we at AZTI-Tecnalia support you in your quest for solutions to improve products, processes and systems of the increasingly diversified foodstuffs industry.


Scientific Research based on Open Innovation

In 2005, we at AZTI-Tecnalia led a new generation of R+D+i organisations basing ourselves on open, collaborative knowledge. So, 20% of our research projects will stem from ideas, talent, knowledge and people from outside our organisation through OPENAZTI.